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Where Freedom Reigns

LOVE AND WAR: ANGELS AND DEMONS: BROKEN HEARTS AND BATTLE TANKS: This is an heroic American tale of love and war: the love of a father for two sons, a woman for two brothers, and a nation for two freedoms; and the Second Civil War that nearly destroys them all.


It is seven years after the successful end of a world war on terrorism, but America is now faced with an even more horrible prospect: a war against an enemy it can not defeat. Itself.


No Greater Evil feature

All CEOs are rich and powerful; some are immoral and unethical. But what if a deadly few are killers on both sides of the law?


It is a troubled time for America characterized by the hegemony of the extreme conservative movement that has given rise to the New Continental Army, a national paramilitary force that seeks to overthrow the government. A newly elected Democratic President escalates the war on terror and creates an elite group of covert professionals within the FBIs National Security Branch.

The Covenant Within feature

Most people dream, many experience dj vu; some believe in reincarnation. But what if it really was possible to relive the lives of your ancestors?


American CEO, Jack Sinclair, is tormented by dreams of people he doesnt know and places hes never been, making him wonder if he is going insane. A phone call from a psychiatrist in Edinburgh wakes him out of another dream. She tells him that his estranged twin brother has committed suicide.







Where Freedom Reigns
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